Our Mission

Breslow Foundation is divided into three specific areas of giving. Each represents a passion of one (and all) of our directors.

Cancer Research & Patient Care

Foundation Director/Founder Barry Breslow passed away December 23, 2005 of Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the blood. Over the years, cancer has touched so many family and friends, and we support many organizations that conduct research for a cure, provide education and information to patients, deliver meals in home to patients too sick to do so for themselves and other related research and educational organizations in the medical field.

Endangered Animals

Specifically horses and burros in the wild. Before Barry Breslow passed, he dedicated the last decade of his life to protecting wild horses and burros, working closely with the BLM, Bureau of Land Management, in Washington DC. Barry campaigned for animals to be moved to secure refuges versus being "put down" for lack of funds to care for such animals. We support refuges/ranches in beautiful rural areas that provide land, food and care for these beautiful creatures. 

Education and Preservation

Having spent years as a family in the automotive aftermarket, director Eric Breslow recognized an area of the business that lacked quality employment candidates. Under Eric and Wendy's hands on direction, a yearly scholarship was awarded, administered by GAAS - Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium. The scholarship awards monies to students interested in a career in management within the automotive aftermarket sector. The Foundation is also actively involved in antique and historical preservation. Through their own Breslow Collection, preserving rare antique automobiles, art and music players. Through alliances with organizations like the LA Conservancy that protects buildings of historical importance. And through supporting museums like the National Automotive Museum (Reno), the Petersen Automotive Museum (LA), and various other organizations with similar interests.