Barry C. Breslow

1946-2005 in memoriam. 

Barry C Breslow was born and raised in New York. His parents, Hilda and Jules Breslow worked for the City. She was an accountant and he was a NYC Fire Fighter.

Barry spent his formative years watching ships arrive from England with sleek beautiful cars bound for the American open roads. He developed his fascination with automobiles and spent his summers working and saving to buy his first MGA and later an Austin Healey.

He attended Queensborough Community College and Hofstra University, where he earned his BBA. He later went on to earn an MBA from CW Post University.

After college, he worked for Volkswagen of America (Autobahn) where he ran their replacement parts program. He was then recruited by Gulf and Western, a division of Paramount Pictures, to successfully run IPS, an aftermarket parts division in Los Angeles, California. He turned that company into the leading distributor of aftermarket replacement parts for “foreign cars” and innovated an industry that previously didn’t exist.

After Gulf and Western divested of their automotive holdings, fate intervened and Barry purchased half of what would be his greatest achievement. Autospecialty, a brake and clutch manufacturer, was founded by the Crescentini’s (a father and son team). They were a local supplier of undercar parts in Los Angeles. When the Sr. Crescentini retired, he sold his half of the business to Barry, and they quickly rolled out their program nationally. Within ten years, Autospecialty was a powerhouse in the industry. They not only distributed their own line of brake and clutch parts across the country, but they also opened a brake rotor manufacturing plant in Carson, California. He ultimately sold the company to the OEM/OES conglomerate TRW.

Barry would spend his last years at his home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He moved from racing vintage cars to crusading the US Government Bureau of Land Management to stop euthanizing wild horses that roamed rural open spaces of our nation. Unfortunately, a pain in his jaw was later diagnosed as Multiple Myeloma and he would succumb to the disease after a valiant five year fight. 

Wendy Breslow


Wendy Breslow hails from the New York metro area as well. She met her future husband Barry in College. She first attended Queensborough Community College and later graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in accounting. In 1976, she gave birth to Eric Breslow and focused her efforts on raising our future director. Having run retail stores and been a controller at several companies, Wendy currently spends her time on philanthropic endeavors. Her hobbies include travel and collecting antiques.

Eric M. Breslow


Eric Breslow is the founder and former CEO of Power Performance Group, Inc., the company that manufacturers the Power Slot brand of performance brake products. He is also executive director of the Breslow Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization.

Starting his career at the early age of 15, Eric was known as a business prodigy in both the toy and automotive industries. But it was in 1993 when he founded Power Stop Inc. that he created a completely new product group that has been copied by major manufacturers around the globe. His Power Stop performance brake rotor was the first recognized program of replacement “cross-drilled” brake rotors for the automotive aftermarket. Although “cross-drilling” was a popular race modification, it was Power Stop Inc. that brought the product to the masses. After selling Power Stop Inc. in 1996 to Autospecialty, Eric briefly left the industry to pursue his personal music interests. Booking live acts and doing tour management. Eric has worked with some of the biggest names on the oldies circuit and popular country music. He is also an accomplished drummer.

In 1997, the automotive industry recalled Mr. Breslow to again revolutionize braking. Power Performance Group was founded and a new improved “slotted” brake rotor was marketed. Over the next 10 years the Power Slot rotor would become the number one choice in both high performance and severe duty replacement markets. Eric has negotiated successful purchases of competitors as well as forming global partnerships for enhanced strategic distribution. Eric also has been very active in the automotive aftermarket trade association SEMA. SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) is a California based organization with over 7000 members. Eric served as the Chairman of the SPC (Street Performance Council) which represents all aspects of street performance parts and lifestyle.

In 2007, Eric was approached by the leading distributors of replacement brake parts, Centric Parts of City of Industry, California and completed a successful stock purchase of Power Slot.

Since stepping down, Mr. Breslow manages a commercial real estate portfolio and runs a successful family office managing equities and fixed income portfolios. His company Bresco Investments, Inc., owns and operates the Aspen Grove Apartment portfolio based in Stateline, Nevada (Lake Tahoe) and a series of industrial complexes in the San Fernando Valley adjacent to Los Angeles.

As the director of the Breslow Foundation, he oversees philanthropic giving. Eric is very hands on and active in such charities as: the American Cancer Society, the Petersen Automotive Museum, International Myeloma Foundation, the LA Conservancy, Project Angel Food and many others. Having the benefit of producing live concerts, Eric has successfully produced several gala’s benefiting charities such as the Carl Wilson Foundation, The Ella Awards tribute to Mike Love of the Beach Boys and the annual Cars and Stars gala for the Petersen Automotive Museum. He currently serves as the Chair of the Driving Force which is the elite donor group supporting the National Automobile Museum of Reno. He has also served as President of countless condo and homeowners associations where his real estate company has holdings.

Mr. Breslow is also an avid car collector and owns the most famous of the 1948 Tucker automobiles. He also races vintage cars with organizations such as HMSA (Historic Motorsports Association) and VARA (Vintage Auto Racing Association)